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You cannot make bad stuff go away

A seriously bulky study and not an easy read but very revealing.

A seriously bulky study and not an easy read but very revealing.

California Government Department of Conservation published its bulky investigation into the ability to mitigate the various impacts of fracking. It was very wide ranging and considered how regulation and engineering might be fine tuned to make the risk of bad impacts go away. They categorised the outcomes on a 1-4 scale where 1 was Unavoidable and Significant impacts – in other words the bad impacts could not be prevented.
The conclusion of the report comes on page 7-8 of the Executive summary –

At a programmatic level of analysis, the Final EIR concludes that the project has the potential to cause significant and unavoidable (Class I) impacts to aesthetics, air quality, biological resources (terrestrial environment), cultural resources, geology, soils and mineral resources, greenhouse gas emissions, land use and planning, risk of upset/public and worker safety, and transportation and traffic…..

This is bad news when we hear how UK regulation and UK engineering are so good we will not experience health or environmental impacts from fracking. You can read more about the difficulties of engineering and the leaky wells in Concerned Health Professionals of New York. It is much easier to read.

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