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So fracking does contaminate water after all.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 17.34.30A new study by Stanford scientists published in Environmental Science & Technology finds for the first time that fracking operations near Pavillion have had clear impact to underground sources of drinking water. The research paints a picture of unsafe practices including the dumping of drilling and production fluids containing diesel fuel, high chemical concentrations in unlined pits and a lack of adequate cement barriers to protect groundwater.

It’s what many people ‘knew’ but the Environment Protection Agency avoided looking at. Their report suggested no widespread systemic on water from fracking. They were pulled up by the Scientific Advisory Board who were surprised that some areas of concern had not been fully investigated.

Should your driller suggest that fracking has never been demonstrated to damage water, you might like to ask for his view on the situation in Pavillion where a judge awarded $4.2 million for the water contamination.

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