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A saga from Nova Scotia

I came across this story of just a few wells drilled in Nova Scotia. Despite the usual promises and regulations, it turned out to be a long saga of risk, damage and environmental impact. Although lengthy it is a very readable story and illustrates many of the issues referred to elsewhere in this website. Please […]

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We don’t know enough to say fracking is safe.

The industry and our government tell us that fracking is safe. Our local energy company have said ‘I would not be doing this unless I thought it could be done safely, cleanly and responsibly’ The only problem is that is seems there is no good body of evidence that supports the view that fracking really […]

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The rural idyll

Ryedale Council hosts a debate on fracking

A well behaved crowd of around 250 residents and people who work in Ryedale, gathered to hear the views of the industry, an academic, Frack-Free Ryedale and an industry insider turned campaigner on regulation. After the presentation there were pre-prepared questions and then questions from the floor. There was potential for disorder and noise but […]

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Meeting Third Energy

We had an interesting visit to the generating station at East Knapton to meet the director John Dewar and his team. After security and safety briefing we were required to look around the generating area, where we could have taken photos had we wished. We then met John and his ‎’Senior Corporate Communications professional with strong […]

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Meet the drillers

      We are looking forward to meeting our local drillers to discuss health and environment issues. We are not sure whether they will drill or if it will be Halliburton. They invented the process and mix up various chemical combinations to frack with. I want to ask what happens when you mix frack fluid with heavy […]

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Fracking and the Community

Reading around the science, there seem to be a many reported impacts on a community when fracking arrives. The obvious impacts include 24 hour a day noise but the level was unexpected. Flaring can generate up to 90-95 decibels at the well-pad. Drilling around 75 decibels. There is bound to be a large increase in […]

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In its infancy

There seems to be plenty happening at the moment, Lancashire planners have spoken and the Council may deliberate at the end of the week. The Infrastructure Bill is being debated tomorrow with dozens of amendments. In Ryedale there are moves to put in planning for fracking and to have an injection well in the national […]

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Reassurance in front of world leaders that the environment is safe

The statement from David Cameron at Davos last year should have been reassuring. In a special speech to world leaders and his home audience, he wished to reassure people that ‘it’ (that is fracking) would not go ahead if there was a threat to the environment. The clip was reduced to just 20 seconds but […]

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Monitoring and enforcement agencies fail to control the risks posed by fracking

Fracking waste cannot be cleaned so it is injected under pressure into conventional gas wells. Much like fracking if not identical, it too causes seismic activity and leaks to the environment and underground water systems. Waste water injection pipe construction is very similar to the fracking pipe which we know will leak especially if subjected […]

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Infrastructure Bill

Why you should learn more about the Infrastructure Bill

A concerning development in the continuing debate on the Infrastructure Bill. Several aspects of this bill pave the way for fracking and reduce the control on gas companies while potentially adding to the risks. Among the clauses in the Bill is a requirement for: oil and gas companies to maximise the economic benefit from extraction, […]

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