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Gold Standard Regulation?

Tin Plated regulation

Tin Plated regulation

The Environment Agency recently consulted the fracking industry on the regulations they need to follow. We know from various countries that a key nuisance and many health impacts come from damage to air quality. The advice to the industry seems to be less than robust. Just over half of one page of the 50 in the document and seems to be more a wish list of perhaps and maybe rather than ‘you will’.
Our local application offers a background monitoring, taking an average of a 2 weeks sample which is then sent away for analysis with the results returned in 20 days. Reporting to the Minerals Authority would then happen at the end of the month. If any concern about the result then 3 further monitoring periods of 2 weeks (plus the 20 days to process) will further examine the abnormal result. I make that 96 days from start to finish in addition to the wait till the end of the months. To pick up spikes in air contamination a real-time monitoring system would have to be in place with digital relay to the company, the monitoring organisation and the public.
Just ask a Boy Scout.

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