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Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith, The toxic impacts of Unconventional gas seen from Australia

Gases vent and leak to air from the extensive infrastructure of fracking/UGEMariann is an expert on toxins and toxicity, she has studied the releases of gases an chemicals caused by Unconventional Gas Extraction in Australia. Their Coal Seam Gas extraction is similar in many ways to the fracking proposed in UK and that has been prevalent in many states of America. She examines the chemicals and relates their release to studies on toxicity with attention to children and unborn babies also. She concludes

Monitoring and regulatory safeguards for unconventional gas
exploration and production cannot remove the threat of adverse
impacts to water, air quality and to human health. Repeatedly,
research and real world experience has pointed to evidence of the
adverse impacts of this industry. When so much is at risk, the most
simple cost benefit analysis would suggest that this is an industry
that represents far too great a risk to people, to agriculture and
to the environment. Mariann Lloyd-Smith November 2015.

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