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Archive | November, 2015

Are industry funded environment impact assessments of value?

Can we be reassured by industry funded health impact assessments?

One new development in the safety and benefit of a major project is the computer modelled health or environment impact assessment. This is usually funded by the developer and the details of the calculations are often not disclosed. At a recent consultation event on fracking the HIA expert repeatedly reassured the ever increasingly disbelieving audience […]

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A helpful comment from an ethical financial advisor regarding regulation of industry.

We need of course to consider the effectiveness of regulation in general. Unfortunately recent history is full of regulatory failures where businesses have resorted to subterfuge or camouflage to get round supervisory oversight in the pursuit of profit. Sometimes businesses simply treat the cost of non-compliance and the resulting fines as part of their project […]

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Fracking and the possible risks to health

A talk about the essentials of fracking and the possible risks to health. It is such a multi-layered and dense subject that it has to be a brief summary of the evidence. For further reading have a look at a few of the references elsewhere on this site and dip into the chunky evidence in […]

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