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Archive | October, 2015

An Interesting blog from New Brunswick.

While checking various states and provinces for detailed health impact statements, I came across this great blog. There are many questions and answers but what stuck me was they similarity in their experience to ours. Much of the reassurance and frack-speak was being used in New Brunswick years ago in an attempt to gain social […]

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Should we risk Babies and their Mums?

In a detailed study from one of the worlds best centres – Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Professor Brian Schwartz and others looked at the effects on mothers and babies from living near to fracking fields. They looked at 9,384 mothers and 10,946 newborn babies. They checked how far they had been from […]

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You cannot make bad stuff go away

California Government Department of Conservation published its bulky investigation into the ability to mitigate the various impacts of fracking. It was very wide ranging and considered how regulation and engineering might be fine tuned to make the risk of bad impacts go away. They categorised the outcomes on a 1-4 scale where 1 was Unavoidable […]

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What does the actual frack sound like?

The redoubtable Vera Scroggins recorded Halliburton on a frack in USA. You don’t have to listen to it all. Will a pile of shipping containers make this all go away? Third Energy claim a pile of metal boxes faced with tarpaulin will render the noise acceptable. While regulators may think they have done everything they […]

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Huge collection of fracking related peer reviewed science

Concerned Professionals of New York have just released their updated Compendium. It is a methodical collection of peer reviewed science on fracking. The articles have been carefully explained in straight forward terms for the most. They are arranged in descending date order, newest first and grouped under relevant headings, air pollution, water pollution etc. There […]

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