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Archive | March, 2015

US Environment Agency tells of risk to aquifers. Some vertical fractures up to 1km high

The US Environmental Protection agency (EPA) reviewed impacts to groundwater from hydraulic fracturing as it pertains to CBM production: Fracturing fluids injected into the target coal zone flow into fractures under very high pressure. The hydraulic gradients driving fluid flow away from the well during injection are much greater than the hydraulic gradients pulling fluid […]

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About Frackman the Movie

Extracts from an interview with Dayne Pratsky who owned a small piece of land near Tara in Queensland. One day the gas company arrived and told him where they were going to drill on his land. From never protesting before, he bacame a dedicated activist and a film was made of his struggles against the […]

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Embarrassing waste water, just slip it into the sewer and the Environment Agency will let it just float by.

Toxic chemicals contained in wastewater from AGL’s coal seam gas operations near Gloucester were discharged into Hunter Water’s sewage network, an investigation by the water agency has found. It sounds like AGL has some very serious questions to answer Fairfax Media understands that BTEX chemicals were reported in both the pre- and post-treatment samples of […]

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Sites of High Public Interest

As you read this please remember The Humpty Dumpty principle – words mean what I want them the mean The Environment Agency – like many other government departments is being helped by paid oil and gas men The Chair, Sir Philip Dilley, of the Environment Agency helped Cuadrilla write their environmental impact report for drilling […]

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The Industry responds to negative evidence. Denial.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY A gentle read from the Huffington post demonstrating how the industry blindly believes its own rhetoric while labelling any opposing views based on evidence as ‘troublemakers’ and ‘nonsense’. Have a read and see who you feel might be talking nonsense. Remember this is not merely an intellectual argument going on. It is […]

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A few though provoking quotes

For those who like to read inventories of bad practice – you can find plenty more data and a huge list of references here. As somebody who has reported for 20 years on this industry in [Alberta], I can tell you I’ve met hundreds of people in this province who have signed confidentiality agreements once […]

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Please watch this 20 minute movie. A sad farmer.

It’s hard to be sure that readers will accept what I say and think about how their lives may be effected by fracking. Here is a farmer from Wyoming who has had his whole life turned around by the invasion of the gas industry. He is from USA. He was visiting Northern Australia where there […]

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How many fracking wells? Time for some sums.

What we think we know is…..Every pad is planned to have 50 wells running off it. Every well take 100 days to drill. The laterals will be a maximum of 2.5 km long. Lets say a pad every 6 km. Scarborough to Blackpool is 110 miles or so. What we need to know then is […]

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Does Fracking Pollute Water?

The oil and Gas Industry continue to claim that fracking has never polluted water sources. Perhaps some convoluted re-definition of ‘fracking’ and ‘water’ and maybe even what the word ‘proven’ really means, allows them to make such a claim. Scientists around the world line up to show their evidence that, to an ordinary mortal, this […]

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Humpty Dumpty has been at it again

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean,neither more nor less.” In order that we can have world class regulation on fracking, David Cameron has hit on a good plan. Change the meaning of fracking and much of it will just […]

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Does fracking contaminate water? Don’t ask the EPA.

It is bewildering to learn that, in the USA, where fracking has been on the go for 10 years or so, the Environment Protection Agency hasn’t even started to look at the problem of water contamination. The Boy Scout response to the concept of drilling through aquifers then creating explosions underground is “well wont that […]

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Questionable advice from council solicitor scuppers banning attempt

Ryedale District Council held their Council meeting in public to discuss a motion to oppose absolutely fracking in Ryedale. There was a prolonged discussion about the legality of the motion and the council solicitor insisted that a council could not make such a decision as it would constitute predetermination. To declare outright opposition would be […]

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