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Archive | February, 2015

Our Government wants us to understand

The Department of Farming and Rural Affairs wrote a report on Fracking. It was published with a few facts hidden to protect the public from worry I suspect. (Redacted means sanitised or censored) It ended up looking a bit like this – 3.2 Social Impacts Evidence from the literature review suggests that rural communities face […]

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Failing in their duty of care.

FEBRUARY 26, 2015 Mother-of-two puts UK MPs on legal notice for any harm from fracking. MPs who voted in favour of legislation to make fracking easier could be sued if people are harmed by the technique, following a legal notice sent by a mother-of-two from Gloucestershire. Jojo Mehta, from the small village of Nympsfield, sent […]

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This one is from Tasmania, it could almost be from our east coast though.

Fracking banned for five years by Tasmanian Government

The difference between Tasmania and North Yorkshire is that Tasmania is beautiful, green, temperate and has an economy built on tourism and agriculture. Yorkshire, meanwhile, will be an industrialised source of fossil fuel energy. “The Northern Powerhouse” or “we would like to make power from under your house”. To cheer everyone up I will be […]

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I see no risks

I had hoped to read the definitive analysis on the rise in hospital admissions resulting from fracking. Instead I came across this dismal tale of politics and lack of transparency coming form Pennsylvania. The gas industry maintains that fracking is safe, existing health studies are unreliable and negative findings on health cannot be linked to […]

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Can our Hospitals Cope?

According to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania’s Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology, an increasing number of gas wells in Pennsylvania is significantly correlated with inpatient rates of hospitalization. The research team collected data from seven different insurance providers for three counties; the study’s publication is forthcoming. Hospitals in the Bakken Shale region reported […]

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Health Risks to Oil and Gas Workers

From 2007 to 2012, 664 US workers were killed in oil and gas fields, with 40 percent of deaths taking place in Texas. Sixty-five Texas oil and gas workers died in 2012 alone. In that same year, seventy-nine lost limbs, eighty-two were crushed, ninety-two suffered burns and 675 broke bones while working in the fields. […]

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She has made several excellent videos. She doesn't mince her words and knows her subject well.

The Wild West is heading towards England

We are reassured that fracking in the UK won’t be anything like the USA so we shouldn’t judge by their experience. I can imagine why that would be encouraged by the industry. If you have 30 minutes to spare and can cope with a swooping trip around google earth, then there is a great YouTube […]

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Fracking through American Eyes

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The story is much the same from Australia and Canada. Why would it be any different here? You may recognise the name Halliburton. Their boss, Dick Cheyney was vice-president. He kick started the industry by slipping legislation in that excempted the oil and gas industry from the Clean Air Act […]

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Earthquakes, wastewater disposal and faults

A widely reported talk from am eminent US Geological survey scientist points to the increasing frequency of tremors caused by the fracking industry. He considers there is a rising risk of more significant tremors as time passes. It has been known that most of the large tremors come from injection of wastewater, the heavily polluted […]

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Let’s leave the politics and get back to the science.

One of the greatest concerns about fracking is the effect it might have on global warming. Gas is cleaner than coal when it comes to CO2 emissions for sure. There is a problem however, when it comes to methane leaks. During drilling especially, large amounts of methane and other hydrocarbons are vented to the atmosphere. […]

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Fracking takes a step closer

The final stage of the progress of the Infrastructure Bill skipped through the Commons last night with ONE hour given for debate and votes. It will be interesting to read the reports as the news percolates out. Many MP’s felt it was inappropriate to minimise the opportunity to debate and unpick the changes that result […]

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Prizes for guessing the Head of the Environment Agency

We are going to have world class regulation of the fracking industry. We know this because we are told it on a daily basis. Regulation and monitoring will make the UK completely different from everywhere else on the planet that fracks and gets pollution, accidents, ill health and outrage from the community. To ensure we […]

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MP talks of a ‘riot’ in Ryedale

Our excellent local MP has worked hard for the local community and chairs the commons select committee on the environment and rural affairs. She sounds incandescent with rage that the government that has duped MP’s into believing that they would do as they had promised. The uncertainty (concerning the regulations about fracking) was attacked by […]

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What happened following the odd debate on the Infrastucture Bill?

It was a complex bill covering all manner of issues including invasive weeds. Tucked away were the permissions to frack under your home that 99% of those who were surveyed, rejected. The government proposed to allow fracking in all but 3 of the National Parks as well in Places of Outstanding Beauty and near drinking […]

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Fracking may effect reproduction and infant development

An excellent review study from USA looks at what is known about the pollutants to be found around unconventional gas and oil extraction sites. There are known theoretical and laboratory effects of the chemicals and early studies point to there being concerns about fertility and the developing embryo. The authors have drawn on 170 references […]

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Fracking causes drinking water pollution.

Roughly translated this means – there’s more fracking going on and more worries about water contamination. With clever chemistry you can sort out the methane of rotting vegetation from methane that has leaked out of drilling wells. The results indicated leaks from the wells were causing 8 cases of water pollution. Hydrocarbon production from unconventional […]

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The Huff Post, a useful summary

To oil the wheels of the fracking bandwagon, ministers have resorted to various schemes. They’ve offered tax breaks to cash-strapped councils in return for approving projects, buried changes to land rights in obscure legislation, created legal requirements to dig up fossil fuels, and dismissed concerns over everything from health to house-prices as the ramblings of […]

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Ingenious ways to get rid of embarrassing waste.

Just fix the rules and ‘Frack On’

Despite the ban on fracking in New York State, the legislators have managed to find a way to pollute. Fracking waste is notoriously difficult or impossible to clean up. Drilling brings up the naturally occurring radioactivity that has been sealed up for millions of years deep underground. Heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead […]

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Germany says ‘No’

The German government examined fracking and came to the conclusion it was not safe. There were too many unknowns. According to available studies on its environmental relevance, the fracking technology in unconventional natural gas production – particularly in shale gas production – is a technology with enormous potential risks. The effects on humans, nature and […]

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A saga from Nova Scotia

I came across this story of just a few wells drilled in Nova Scotia. Despite the usual promises and regulations, it turned out to be a long saga of risk, damage and environmental impact. Although lengthy it is a very readable story and illustrates many of the issues referred to elsewhere in this website. Please […]

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